Is It Possible to Enlarge Breasts Through Natural Herbs and Massage?

I am 17 years old, my breasts are an A cup and I want to have fuller breasts without surgery. I came across an ad that says you can increase your breast size by up to a cup size, in just 3 months, by taking natural herbs (that duplicate the hormones you get during puberty) and through massage. Is this safe and can this actually work?

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Herbs, Lotions, Potions

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No regimens of herbs or creams have been shown to consistently and significantly increase breast size in a long-lasting way, as do breast implants.

Any substances that purport to mimic hormones should be considered with the same cautions as a prescription medication: side effects can be undesirable or dangerous!

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Treatments to increase breast size

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As you can tell from the answers here, no cream nor pill will increase your breast size. Unfortunately, many businesses prey upon people's insecurities to make a buck. If any of this stuff worked you would see it on CNN and not as a paid online ad. If you are very uncomfortable with your breast size you can always choose to have implants for augmentation. Take your time, do your homework, and make the best decision for you. Surgery is not for everyone, but can help you achieve the look you desire.

I hope this info helps!

Adam Rubinstein, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation not possible with natural herbs for massage

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Unfortunately, there is no natural herbs or massage that can increase the size of your breasts. Please do not waste your money on these things. Your best bet is to do your research now so that in several years if you want to change the size and shape of your breasts you will be very well informed and ready to proceed. For best results, be sure that you work only with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience in breast augmentation and breast lift surgery.

To learn more about breast augmentation, see photos, and help you decide which one is best for you, please visit us at the link below:

Enlarging Your Breasts?

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Thank you for your question!  Unfortunately there are no creams or massages that will naturally enhance your breasts.  The only way to enlarge your breasts would be through implants or fat transfer! Best of luck!
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Dhaval M. Patel, MD
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Is It Possible to Enlarge Breasts Through Natural Herbs and Massage?

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 There is no safe/effective medication, cream, herbs, or nonsurgical  method to significantly increase breast size. Be careful about believing heavily marketed “miracles" that you will undoubtedly read/hear about.   Best wishes.

Herbs and pills don't give the same results as breast augmentation.

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Herbs and pills don't give the same results as breast augmentation.  Herb companies can make all kinds of claims about their results that do not have to be substantiated by research because they are marketed as dietary supplements.  So if their claims are not valid you as a consumer have very little recourse.

I know most of them say "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" or something like that, but read the fine print.  It usually means you get your money back on all unopened bottles minus shipping and handling and a small restocking fee -- which means you really get no money back.

Breast augmentation is reliable, reproducible, and can give very natural results.

Richard H. Fryer, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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Herbal breast enlargement: another example of "If it sounds too good to be true...."

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If herbs really worked for breast enlargement, more people would use them and plastic surgeons would be buying stock in the companies making those herbs!  Bottom line: there is no magic pill, nor is there any combination of magic pills that will give you long-term, reliable breast enlargement.

Carmen Kavali, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Herbs and Massage do not lead to Larger Breasts

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Be wary of claims made by companies selling herbal remedies. There are no herbs which will make your breasts larger. Massage as well will not increase the size of your breasts. The difficulty with these advertisements is due in part to the fact that they do not need to substantiate their claims. Because herbal supplements are not regulated by the FDA, they can say whatever they'd like without providing proof. It's the old adage of, "if sounds too good to be true, it probably is." There are some suction devices which claim to increase breast size, but this seems to be temporary unless combined with a surgical procedure such as fat grafting.

Breast augmentation is a safe and reliable way to increase the size of your breasts. However, at 17, I would recommend you wait a few more years as your breasts are likely to continue growing.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Herbs and massage will not enlarge breasts.

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Breast augmentation is a safe and predictable operation.  Herbs and massage will not enlarge your breasts.  Hormones might if the breast tissue is sensitive but this would be dangerous and ill advised.

Enlarging breasts through herbs

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I have never heard of any pharmaceutical or herbal medication that can be used to increase breast size in a female patient. If you know of anything like this, I would love to know!

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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