Is It Possible to Do the Invisalign, if I Have to Extract 4 First Premolar?

I have crowded teeth with mild overbite or overjet problem. I think that teeth extraction will provide more space for better alignment. My orthodontist suggested premolar extraction. But Invisalign web has recommended its use in crowding and spacing with less than 5 mm gap. So I wonder "Is it possible to do the Invisalign, if I have to extract 4 first premolar?"

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It is definitely possible

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Invisalign works as efficiently as any type of braces. Some times there is root angulation issues which your orthodontist will go over with you. They can either do refinements with more aligners or they can put partial braces on sides only and take a few months to correct the root alignments. Nobody will be able to see the side braces for the most part!

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