Post op saline implants, more fullness expected. Is a revision required? (Photos)

I had a breast lift and implant last July with 575 and 625cc saline implant with a full anchor lift but don't feel like I received the results I was looking for. I was looking for a lot more fullness on my chest wall and projection. Based on the pics I showed are my expectations unrealistic? My surgeon offered to do another anchor lift with internal sutures to lift the implants but in your opinion do you think I will get the results I'm looking for or should I just be happy with what I have?

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Revision of breast lift can improve fullness of breast implants

Thank you for your question.  It looks like you have had excellent surgery and a very good result.  However the implants are quite large and have stretched the lower pole of your lifted breast.  A revision of the lift can be done to push the implant higher and give you more fullness, however you need to discuss this with your plastic surgeon.  There is always risk that the large implants can push down again and give you the same result.

More full breasts

From the before photo to the after photo it seems as though you got quite a nice improvement, though it may not be quite what you were hoping for.  The stretching of the breast tissue that goes with a large implant such as yours can have a negative effect on the tissues shortly after a lift.  A revision of the lift at this point might get you a more pleasing outcome, but this is something that needs to be discussed with your surgeon in person rather than evaluated over the internet.

Adam David Lowenstein, MD, FACS
Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon
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Secondary Anchor Breast Lift

Now that the breast tissues are more relaxed, another full anchor lift will get you closer to the desired look you have shown.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Post op saline implants, more fullness expected. Is a revision required?

Yes an additional more aggressive lifting operation would allow that fuller look in my over the internet opinion. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift with implants

I think you need to speak with your surgeon about your goals. But you have to realize over time, the breast do descent a bit.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Return to your surgeon

You need to go back to your surgeon and show him or her the photos you have posted. I assume the first photo is your desired result. The problem is you have large breasts and large heavy implants and in the end gravity and the weight will win. The lower pole breast skin will stretch and the breast will lose some of the lift effect.

Lee E. Corbett, MD
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Repeat lift or not ?

This is a tough call. There is the constant  battle between maintaining breast shape and larger implant size. The larger heavier implants stress the breast skin  causing stretching. A breast lift is not permanent and in some patients, there  can be sagging withn months following surgery. I might be tempted to give it another try, using a higher profile implant. It is a tough call.

I wish you well ! 

Don Fontana, MD
Waldorf Plastic Surgeon
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