Is IPL Successful on Skin That Has Eczema or Dermatamyositis?

I have DM and mostly facial rash. Not the muscle issues. I also have a rash on my hands, upperarms and back. Doctors have suggested IPL for the facial redness. The rash stings and burns also itche and none of the drugs the doctors have put me on have helped me. Will IPL help in this instance?

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Could Worsen the Situation

Your question drew my curiosity. What was the specialty of the physicians who suggested IPL?

Intuitively, since dermatomyositis is markedly worsened by sunlight, I would suspect that IPL would make the situation worse. Since, many things in medicine can be counter-intuitive, if these physicians knew more about the situation than I, then I would respect their expertise. If not, I would seek a consultation with a dermatologist who is an expert in auto-immune diseases of the skin. I say a dermatologist rather than a rheumatologist since the latter would not be familiar with light sources. Although, who knows with gynecologists, dentists, and even radiologists now extending (or infiltrating) into dermatology, maybe I am making an unwarrented assumption.

At any rate, you should at least be advised to wear a good sunscreen. In your case the higher the SPF the better.

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