Is Invisalign Any Better Than Normal Braces?

Is invisalign more expensive then normal wire braces and can they be made for teenagers?

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Is Invisalign better than normal braces?

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Not necessarily! Traditional braces usually yield a better bite relationship and braces are more often used to treat severe orthodontic problems. However, in my experience many cases were much easier to treat with Invisalign.

For example, a patient with a deep bite may not have lower braces applied immediately as the upper teeth have to be straightened for several months before the lower braces can be applied. Invisalign allows the orthodontist to start treating both dental arches from the get go simultaneously. Invisalign plastic covers both the upper and lower teeth keeping them slightly apart as the teeth move. The aligner material also acts like a "night guard" protecting the teeth from night grinding and clenching. If a patient has history of temporomandibular joint problems, Invisalign therapy is often a good choice for this type of patient.

After treating with Invisalign for 10 years since it was introduced to our profession, I have been amazed with its effectiveness. Invisalign is also more comfortable to wear than braces. There are no major orthodontic emergencies with Invisalign. No loose or broken braces and wires.

The orthodontist will determine which orthodontic appliance will work best for each case such as crowding, deep overbites, openbites, etc. Sometimes both braces and Invisalign may be recommended.

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