Is EVIS MD Red Light Platinum Facial System Effective for Eczema?

I did research on red light therapy, and found an equipment: a home-use machine called "EVIS MD Red Light platinum facial system". I tried to find customer reviews for it, but couldn't find any. Will this product be helpful for my Eczema? My skin has become very dry and fine lines have appeared.

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Light Helps Not Sure About This

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I feel light treatment is underutilized in the treatment of eczema. However, the vast majority of research and experience involves UVA or UVB light. While I could not find very much information on this machine, I am assuming it is in the red visible light spectrum. There is scant research about this wavelength and atopic dermatitis.

When we use light for atopic dermatitis, we have to weigh the risks (skin cancer) with the benefits.

Since there are far better treatments for AD I would recommend those first. Also, logically if you have marked facial involvement, visible light is not going to be much help (since you receive that anyway in your daily activities.)

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