Hematoma after breast reduction; worried about infection? (Photos)

I'm three weeks post op. I have a hematoma in my left breast, it has been draining on its own a decent amount of.blood, now it seems to drain a more brownish/yellowish color. Worried it's infected? Breast isn't hot and no real red rash anywhere except where the bra is right on the incisions all day. Also have a bubbly like pocket to the left of the hole that is almost black, breast is still hard as a rock to touch. Go to surgeon Tuesday but still worried.

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Sorry to hear about your hematoma.  This looks like a wound breakdown in your breast reduction.  Based on the photos, it is hard to tell exactly but it does not look infected.  However you had an area of the wound that broke down.  You need to make sure you take care of the wound.  Follow up with your surgeon about how best to manage the wound.  With proper care, you will see how well this actually ends up healing.  Unfortunately you will have a wide scar in this location but it should heal with proper care.  You might need a scar revision down the line.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.

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