What Are the Types of Infections That Can Occur with Eyelash Extensions if Done Incorrectly?

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Eyelash Extension Infections?

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    Latisse when used properly has very small side effect profile and very little risk of infection.  The extensions can cause inflammation, allergic reaction, or infections.

Possible eyelash extension infections

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Numerous infections are possible however strongly consider Latisse. This will grow out your lashes with minimal risk of infection.  For a quick fix, consider extensions however even in very experienced hands, reactions can occur without a real underlying infection. 

Infections from Eyelash Extensions

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Whether applied correctly or incorrectly, there are various infections that can be caused from eyelash extensions, plus just general allergies and irritations from the glues used. Eye infections would be bacterial infections, sties, and conjunctivitis, most commonly. Additionally, some people find that the lashes themselves feel too heavy and end up weighing down their lids because the muscles there can't sustain the weight.

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