Is it normal for the hairline to look this uneven because of the swelling after hair transplant surgery?

This is a day after hair transplant surgery, the team that performed the surgery told me that it was normal for the new hairline to look uneven because of the swelling, but I'm wondering if this is so, because it looks like there are more grafts on one side. (This was a 1,500 graft procedure)

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Is this hairline "normal"??

Dear Zombert,

The simple fact is that whatever was done to your head is:
  1. permanent
  2. not going to reveal itself for 8-12 months

So, this is not really the time, as your treating physician should have stressed to you on more than two occasions, to worry about the final results. The final results will be apparent 8-12 months from now, as your treating physician no doubt should have told you. For now, your hairline may look a lot “straight and artificial” but that hopefully will change over the next 10 months. If it does not, then you will need to seek the opinion of a true specialist, one who has dedicated his or her life/career to the practice of hair restoration, not one who recently acquired a cheap NeoGraft or whatever machine to do the work for them. If you were a patient of a serious, dedicated practice of hair restoration surgery, you would not have to post such questions online to an audience of unknown proportions. A specialty clinic who ONLY does hair restoration surgery is indicated. 

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Still Too Soon to Assess Hairline

At only 1 day post-op, it's quite understandable that you're scrutinizing your grafts and expressing concern about your results. However, the ultimate outcome of a hair transplant procedure does take a while to develop. It's important to give your grafts time to fully settle into your scalp. This often requires an initial shedding process. As the days and weeks progress, your swelling will also diminish quite a bit, and you'll be better able to visualize your results. Be patient during this time. There's a good chance your results will be precisely what you wanted!

Richard Chaffoo, MD, FACS
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Your hair line can look uneven if you have facial swelling.  Sometimes it doesn't.
Only time will tell.

Jae Pak, MD
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An uneven hairline after a hair transplant

Normally, the swelling does not impact the visualization of the symmetry of the hairline. By the time you read this post, you will certainly be past the swelling period and be able to judge the symmetry of the hairline. Please speak to your doctor if these concerns persist.

William Rassman, MD
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Too early... worry.  Yes, asymmetry is normal and by the looks of your photos there is nothing I would worry about.  When the hair starts to grow at 6 months to a year I am confident you will be happy.

Tim Neavin, MD
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Immediate post-hair transplant appearance

It is always very difficult to make a judgement from photographs.
The swelling will take a few days to go down and the new hairs will take several months to start to grow. It will be even longer before you can really begin to judge the density of the transplant and compare one side to the other. For now, you will have to be patient and follow the post-procedure instructions given to you by your doctor.

Greg Williams, FRCS (Plast)
London Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Early hairline judgement

You gotta wait, my friend!  This whole procedure to get hair back is a process and swelling can be a big part of that the first few weeks.  The only fair time to judge anything now is at a year - when it has all grown in.  So just give things time!

This is why you choose a surgeon that you trust, right!

Good luck and take a deep breath - it just takes time.


Sara Wasserbauer, MD
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Yes very normal , you will need top wait until the swelling goes down. This might take from 4-10 days before all the swelling goes down.

Alba Reyes, MD
Dominican Republic Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Uneven hair lines

can be very normal and its ok. You want to wait for the full results before making a final decision on modifications.

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
Houston Dermatologist
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Post op hair transplant

You have to wait until your sweeping goes down and your hair grows out to see the real result.  Some times It is common for some hair transplant specialist to make the hair line a bit uneven so it looks more natural.  But you need to wait and see.

Michael Meshkin, MD
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