I have some bumps in my penis glands and penis skin and I am confused weather it's PPP or something else? (Photos)

I have some bumps in my penis skin and glands. I think it's pearly Penile papaluse but I am not sure. I already had a std check up and I am good. I went to private clinic for check up but he says he don't see anything wrong. I told him abt the bumps and scars in my skin but he couldn't help me. I am tired of this bumps in my penis. It's been 2 years I have noticed this in my penis. I Dnt know what is this and how to get rid of it. Can anyone pls help me abt this.

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Penile Pearly Papules / Fordyce Spots -- Laser or Desiccation

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Isuggest you see an expert. This can be treated in the office with a
simple procedure. Best, Dr. Emer.

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