Muscle strain & asymmetry after chin reduction (sliding genioplasty) and submental lipo - will this heal on its own? (Photo)

After lower jaw surgery in 2012 (BSSO), still wasnt happy with overall appearance. Class III was fixed, but my chin was still too prominent. I had an intraoral sliding genioplasty w/ chin lipo 6 weeks ago & Im concerned. The right side of my chin is a lot more numb than the left. The muscles on the right side of my chin pull down or strain when I smile, resulting in a flattened depression and dimpling. Is this an issue with the mentalis muscle? Depressor muscles? Nerves? Will it heal on its own?

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Contour deformity with muscle activation

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 Thank you for your pictures. The true definition of mentalis train is straining of the muscle to keep the  lips together at rest . This is due to an abnormal bite. Your bite has been corrected and you had an additional sliding genioplasty. Your contour deformity probably is a result from scar tissue within the muscle. This  should improve over time. 

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