Is this a hair follicle or it's just the hair shaft? (photos)

I got my hair transplant done using the FUE method. Today is post-op 7th day; some hair are falling, so I am worried that is my hair follicle coming out or is it just the shaft? Also, in the other picture, I have marked some lines. Is it normal to have something like this after few days of fue surgery? It seems to have no hair in that area.

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7 days out: is this a hair or a graft?


Hair falling out following a hair restoration surgery is completely normal.  It can start as early as 1 week.  However, I don't see a bulb on what's on your palm.  What I see, and this is based just on me looking at this picture, seems to be transected graft with 3 hairs.  The little part in the middle that's a bit larger is likely dried up dermis, and that's a graft that's not going to make it.  The shedding of hairs can continue for about 6 weeks.

In terms of that appear to have no hair, I think I am looking at a lot of scabbing.  Following a hair transplant procedure, whether with the ARTAS Robotic Device, or with a linear strip, we have our patients spray down the grafted area with a combination of Lactated Ringers solution infused with Liposomal ATP.  This provides energy to the grafts we well as washes away scabbing and crusting.  At day 7, the scabbing should be 95% gone.  If there is any left, I would coat all the scabbed areas with baby oil, let that sit for a good 20 minutes, and then hop in the shower and wash it out.  All of the scabbing should be gone following your shower.  I hope this advice helps.  

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Hair follicle or the shaft

Those possibly may have been grafts that did not survive.  Generally shedding of the hair follicles starts week 2-3 however I have seen it as early as 1 week after the procedure.  Looking at how they are all in the same areas, it is unusual and is possibly more likely that those follicles did not survive for whatever reason (poor placement of the grafts, poor recipient site creation, poor handling of the grafts, etc.) I'd recommend you see your surgeon and discuss with them.

Amir Yazdan, MD
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Probably a graft

It may be a graft that has dried up and did not take.  It is realtively normal to lose 2 to 3 grafts for every 1000 grafts in the first few days after surgery.

Jae Pak, MD
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Post op shedding

usually the hair shaft falls off after three weeks but the follicles remain under the skin.  The follicles will start to grow in after four months and will continue to grow in for up to 18!minths after the procedure. In your picture it seems like the hair shaft has fallen off with the scans so you should be ok.

Michael Meshkin, MD
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Look at the pictures and tell me what you are seeing

The grafts and hair are already shedding. I don't know why the white stripes appear, as I never saw this before. Have you used a comb on the grafts?

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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