Why won't my doctor e-mail me before and after pictures of my rhinoplasty referring to HIPAA law?

I am not happy with the results of my rhinoplasty. And the doctor showed me only two before and after pictures on his computer that looked photoshoped to me. It didn't look like my nose in reality. But I saw them very briefly. Is there another legal way to get those pictures? Patients should have a right to get their medical results. May be in paper then?

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You absolutely don't have to sit down with your surgeon.

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The medical records, including all the photos, BELONG TO YOU. They are yours. The doctor gets to be the custodian of them, as long as it's convenient for you that he holds them. But you are entitled to a complete copy of his entire record as soon as you ask for it and sign some bland form authorizing them to send the records to you.

No excuses. If they refuse to send the info, call the state medical board and tell them about your problem. They'll hopefully call the doctor and "educate" him about his responsibilities.

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Desiring your photos

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Your photos are yours and you can get your chart as well as photos by going in and filling out the proper HIPAA paper work if they are demanding that.

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Photos after rhinoplasty

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Every surgeon is different in their policies for sharing photos. You should be able to sit down with your surgeon to discuss your before and after photos regardless of their email policy. You will have to discuss this directly with that office. 

Best of luck

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