Am I a good candidate for Asian eyelid surgery (and what else)? Anxious and allergic, 40 year old female (Photo)

I'm wondering what I should do to my tiny eyes. On the one hand, for what I do, I need a pair of big eyes which allow me to communicate emotions clearly to others, a purpose the current small size just doesn't fulfill. On the other hand, I have some anxiety issues, occasionally relying on xanex for medical procedures. I was also allergic to external use of bacitracin zinc9 when I removed a mole before. The related infection left a big scar on my arm, which will be a disaster if it's on my eyes.

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Asian eyelid surgery with a browlift would give you the most benefit

I would recommend an asian eyelid procedure to place a crease and remove some redundant skin. This may be enough to give you what you want. If you wanted to maximize the results of surgery, I would combine this with a browlift. My personal preference is to use the upper eyelid incision to access the forehead area, then place small incisions in the scalp to allow placement of a dissolvable hook. I use an endoscope at the end of the procedure to confirm the anatomy. Good luck whatever you choose to do!

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