Irritation to Tongue, Gums and Under Lips: Could I Be Allergic to the Trays?

The first 2 weeks of my treatment were great. This last week, however, has been horrible. It feels like I burned the entire inside of my mouth. My tongue is sore, my gums feel completely different and extra sensitive. I woke up this morning with the inside of my lips extra red and tender. I feel like I can't taste my food. Could I be allergic to the trays? Is there anything I could do? Should I see my doctor about this?

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Allergy to Invisalign Aligners

Like most of the clinicians that answered the question I do agree that allergy is not very likely and the cause of the irritation could be roughness in the aligner.  However, there have been reported some allergic or adverse reactions to the aligner, in fact, I am going through a case right now with a patient that is describing symptoms similar to yours.  See your doctor, if the symptoms are the same with the next aligner, your doctor may want to report this to Invisalign and get a set of aligners that is made/treated a little differencly and is known as the "hypoallergenic" aligner. 

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Allergy to InvisalignTrays possible, but unlikely

I would return to the dentist who gave you the trays and check the fit. If at all possible maybe you could go to the next set of aligners and wear them  to see if they do the same thing. It is most likely the fit of the tray.  It also could be possible that you could have a bacterial, or fungal infection irritating these areas. You have a nice warm, moist , environment for things to grow inside the trays and your mouth. All of these things are easily treatable. 

James Merrett, DDS
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Not an Allergy

Their could be two things happening.  If the tray does not fit so well around the edges, this could be causing some irritation to all of the soft tissue in your mouth( i.e. lips, gums, tongue ).  If the first two weeks were fine, I can only guess that you have moved to your second set of trays.  Perhaps your teeth have not shifted enough and that is why the tray is not fitting correctly.  I suggest you see your dentist or orthodontist that is treating your case to check the fit of the trays.  If the edges of the trays are too sharp then cankor sores could be developing which can be extremely painful.  The edges should then be smoothed out by your doctor.  The other possibility is that you're beginning to grind on the trays at night which can cause the edges of the trays to flair out and irritate the mouth.

I highly doubt that it is due to an allergy, because of the fact that you were asymptomatic the first two weeks of treatment.  If your dentist does not see anything wrong with the trays themselves, then their could be some form of viral disease occuring simultaneously.  Then I would proceed to check with your physician.

Jimmy C. Wu, DDS
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Allergy to invisalign aligners is rare

Never say never, but it is not likely that the aligners are causing an allergic reaction.  Most commonly is the aligners are slightly rough or trimmed in such a way that they are irritating the tissues, and the next aligner will not cause this.

I WOULD see the doctor to know what they see, but it is likley going to take care of itself.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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