When Will Irregularities and Ridges Heal After Tummy Tuck and Seromas?

I'm 3mo's post full TT, with Seroma, 7 aspirations of 60cc's every 4 days, which is RED. What more can be done and when?  Wearing Comp&Binder 24/7. I have a big RIDGE, loose skin hiding BB and can feel irregularities above scar, around BB to ribs. I'm 49, aero instr for 30 yrs. No Muscle work done. Bottom loose skin is gone, now the GOOD area, where there was tone muscle now looks horrible. What can i have done to fix? When?

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Ridges after a tummy tuck

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I think priority one is getting all of the fluid out. Once that has stopped, then aggressive massage on your skin can be started to break the tethering of the skin to the deeper tissues. If they do not resolve on their own, after 8-10 months, I might suggest some surgical release of the tethered skin to allow it to re-drape properly. Best of luck.

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