Irregularities on Nasal Bridge 2 Months Post-op?

Two months ago I had open rhinoplasty to remove a huge hump..and now there are some irregularities on the bridge at the same place of the hump,but they are not visible..My surgeon says it will settle down and some irregularities are common after surgery..are they really common and is it okay?

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Post rhinoplasty recovery


Dear Sabsoob, Sometimes you may have some irregularities that are not visible to the eye however they are palpable to touch. Depending on how the healing process proceeds and how the tissue and skin settles over these irregularities will determine whether or not you will need any revision or if they will subside on their own. At two months in the recovery phase you will need to allow more time. I would suggest a full year to see the recovery process through and then determine if any revision or secondary work needs to be done. Have patience and hopefully this will all subside during the recovery process. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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