Irregular Semi Soft Ridge Above Left Side Jawline 7 Weeks Post Facelift?

the ridge above jaw extends to lower ear. I've had 6 lymphatic massages and continue to work on this.It does seem better in the morning or after pressure. I had a parotid fistula on this side that resolved with pressure and Botox.This same side remains more tender and the neck area beneath is slightly red and bluish.No infection. The right side is beautifully contoured;no noticeable swelling or tenderness. Numbness is nearly gone and I am increasingly concerned. Thank you

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Irrregular Soft Ridge Above Jawline 7 Weeks Post Facelift

I assume you had your parotid fistula long before the facelift. This is a very rare complication with  facelift surgery.  Your parotid gland can be evaluated with a sialogram and a CT scan. The most likely explanation is a resolving hematoma that organized following the operation. The tenderness could be secondary to an infection. Follow the recommendations and instructions of your surgeon.

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Parotid Leak after Facelift

   There may be an element of continued parotid leak, but that could only be determined with an exam and following your clinical course more closely.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Irregular Semi Soft Ridge Above Left Side Jawline 7 Weeks Post Facelift?

 Ask the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your Face Lift if this soft ridge is scar tissue that developed around the parotid fistula?  

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