Irregular Nipple Correction Possible Procedure? Cost? (photo)

Hello, I am a male who was born with one regular areola/nipple and another areola with a few miscentered nipples. I just want an overview about what procedure is available, what it entails, and an estimate of what it may cause. The pictures (one of both nipples, and then the two individually) show the whole picture better than I can explain it.

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Here is a link to the average cost of Nipple Surgery reported by our community members.

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Why Are My Nipples Asymmetric?

Nipples are just an expression of the mammary ducts.  The ducts normally coalesce (come together) to form the nipple which is the centerpiece of the nipple areola complex.  You have the normal situation on one nipple, but for whatever reason, on the other nipple, you have 3 separate miniature nipples.  Also, I notice that your areola is slightly larger on the side with 3 nipples. 

This should be an easy correction for a Board Certified plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  That being said, if you were my patient, I would remove the areola separating the 3 pieces of nipple which would also reduce this nipple areola complex to match its mate on the other side.  I would then remove 1/3 of the inner aspect of each of the separate nipples and sew them together.  Since it appears these nipples are also shortened, I would use one of several techniques available to correct inverted nipples to pull these 3 ducts out to a length that might mimic your normal appearing nipple on the other side. 

In answer to your question of cost, each region of the country is different.  The cost would depend on general vs. local anesthesia, hospital vs. surgery center, and is something that should be discussed with your chosen plastic surgeon.

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