Beautiful teeth and dental care / horror story! Any advice?

After College I was thrown from the car driven by drunken driver ( uninsured of course ). My Lower Front four snapped off and my Molars Cracked when jaw broken. My Lower teeth Crowned lasted22 YEARS ! Less than 5 yrs back received a quote of over 25K to fix problems 5 yrs. ago. 2 hours drive away to get done for 1/2 that and it is all broken away. Root Canaled upper rt and lower Bridge and Crowns for Bridge GONE during last year ! Any Advice Truly Accepted,

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It is very unfortunate that you had to go through that.  Unfortunately, teeth continue to be effected long after accidents like this occurred.  It's difficult to understand what you need to have done without seeing you or an exam and without seeing any X-rays.  My advice to you would be to do a lot of research and find a dentist that is very experience in doing reconstructive dentistry.  It is important that each step is completed well, so that you can keep your teeth for as long as possible.  Do some research, and don't cut any corners!

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