Unsuccessful septoplasty.

Hi, I had a Septoplasty carried out. About half an hour after the splints were removed,my nose blocked up again. It appears the cartilage has reverted back to it original position. The surgeon does not want to re-operate again as he said it could cause aesthetic damage an my nose could droop. Is there scenarios where blockages just cannot be fixed or is their still hope that a revision could fix my problem? I'm disappointed that it may not be repairable.

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Septoplasty and Cartilage Concerns

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For clarification, does your physician believe that your cartilage has reverted to it's original position ( cartilage memory ) after the nasal splints were removed? If so, you could still consider a revision septoplasty after 6-12 months and use reconstructive techniques which may offer you longterm improvement in nasal airway breathing. If done properly, revisions on the septum should not cause aesthetic damage or droopiness, especially if cartilage reconstruction is used. If you feel somewhat stuffy, but your physician feels that all is ok, just give yourself additional time to heal from your surgery before concluding that is was a failure. Hope everything improves for you. Best Regards. 

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