Getting a second surgery on eyelid ptosis left upper eyelid. Any suggestions?

back in 2012 i had upper left eyelid surgery for my 3mm ptosis and it gave me strenght in the muscle to lift my lid to a 1mm differance after surgery with my right eyelid, but when i rest my eyelid there is 2mm of a differance. would surgery again be an option? thanks

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Revisional Ptosis Surgery

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Hi Denny. Greetings from the UK. So jealous that you're still in the EU btw! Anyway you may benefit from having revisional ptosis correction surgery but as most good oculoplastic surgeons would explain, revisional surgery does come with a slightly more averse risk profile with higher probability of asymmetry, scarring, overcorrection, undercorrection, etc. It'll be difficult to advise you properly nor safely without examining your eyelids properly as one would need to measure all kinds of indices such as your levator function, orbicularis closure strength, ocular surface condition, etc. It's also important to take advice from your previous surgeon's operative findings as to the anatomical condition of your levator muscle complex. Sorry to be a bit vague but safety comes first always when it comes to your eyes! Best wishes. David

Birmingham Oculoplastic Surgeon

Ptosis revision

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It is very reasonable to consider ptosis revision. Ptosis success is measured by the eyelid in resting position. It sounds like you are using your brow to achieve the 1mm difference. Ptosis surgery can be done from the front ( levator resection and advancement) or from back of the eyelid ( posterior approach with conjunctivo-mullers resection). It is important to address the muscle weakness and not try to compensate surgically by removing additional skin. I suggest consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon ( eyelid specialist ). Thanks, Vikram D. Durairaj, MD FACSAustin, Tx

Vikram Durairaj, MD
Austin Oculoplastic Surgeon

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