Can You Tell Me if This is a Seroma, my Ps Not Commiting to What It is? (photo)

This hole appeared one week after surgery, I sent a photo to my ps and explained that it had oozed a lot of bloody fluid,the oozing has slowed Down now but I still have to keep it covered. I have asked my ps if she thinks it might be a seroma but she doesn't seem happy to commit to ANY diagnosis and because of the distance I can't get to see her anytime soon, my local doc put me on Klacid 500 LA but I live in the sticks and he seems bewildered by it...

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Can You Tell Me if This is a Seroma, my Ps Not Commiting to What It is?

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I can't tell if you had a seroma or not--if so it has drained.

What you do have is a small dehiscence (opening in the incision). There may a suture at that site that ought to be removed if it is present. But it looks like this is getting better without intervention. I think keeping this clean and covered with dressings until the drainage stops is sufficient. If you can feel a suture, perhaps your local doc could remove it. 

Thanks for your question and for the photos. All the best. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Fluid drainage from tummy tuck incision

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Without examining you, your surgeon nor I can say whether or not that is a seroma.  The important thing to know is that the first step in a treatment of a seroma is drainage which has now happened.  The key is to get all of that built up fluid out of the wound.  Only then can the healing process begin.  Keep the area clean and follow the wound care instructions of your surgeon and hopefully this will close with time.  If not, a small wound revision in the office will likely take care of it.

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