Could Sclerotherapy or ND Yag Laser for big blue veins pose "real risks" and prove to be very problematic?

Will Blue Temple Veins or any Vein Treated with Sclerotherapy or ND Yag Laser eventually heal in time allowing the same vein to return? ..If true, is it also true that there is a "REAL Risk" as the vein heals over time that a small piece of the wound (that clotted the internal walls of the vein together) could move and circulate in the blood / vascular system and could prove to be very problematic? ..and in an entirely different part of the body and even many years later in life?

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Sclerotherapy of blue veins in Los Angeles

It is not uncommon for sclero to be performed on reticular blue veins. The dangers are more commonly associated with superficial thrombophlebitis. 


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Sclerotherapy is not a permanent cure.  Over time other veins can form. Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for small vein treatment. I have never seen a clot dislodge from a sclerotherapy treated vein and go "elsewhere". There is always a risk of developing a DVT from treating leg veins with sclerotherapy but this risk is extremely low.  If you are referring to loss of vision from treating temporal veins, this risk is even lower and, although it  is talked about, I am not aware of any reported case in the literature.  The bottom line is that sclerotherapy is extremely safe when performed by an experienced injector.

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