When should scars heal to their optimum?

I had a BA last December and my scars continue to be quite raised and bumpy; there is no longer any redness but the bumpyness is getting to me a bit. I am just hoping this isnt how they will permanently stay as it makes the scars look more obvious.

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When Do Scars Fully Heal?

It takes around 12 to 18 months for scars to fully mature. In that 12 to 18 months, using silicone-based products on the scars can help improve their final appearance. If your scars end up raised or unsightly, you can always have a scar revision after that time period. Best of luck to you. 

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Minimize scars


Scarring can be minimized using products such as silicone sheeting and massaging the scars. As well, it is important to protect your scars from the sun throughout the first year as they can develop pigment. I recommend that you see your Plastic Surgeon in person to discuss your concerns and your options.

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Scar healing may take a year or longer to be complete

Although it sounds like a long time ago that you had your surgery, in reality from the standpoint of scar maturation, it is still relatively recent.  In general we instruct our patients that full scar maturation might take 12 - 15 months, and sometimes even longer in some people.  That is because scar maturation is a process, and it has different stages.  The initial wound heals pretty quickly, but then the collagen in the scar tissue begins to remodel itself, taking cues from the tensions and forces of the surrounding tissues.  That is why things like silicone gel sheets and ointments, or scar massage, over time work to help scars become thinner.  Unfortunately, there are some ethnic and genetic differences too, and most commonly we find that people in darker races, like African, Latin, Asian, and Mediterranean peoples, have a higher likelihood of forming thicker or darker scars.  The one group of white people that I have seen hypertrophic scars or keloids in most often is the very fair complexioned, red-haired or light blonde haired people from the Northern European regions, including Ireland.  The classic Celtic beauty with red hair and translucent fair skin is a prime example of this.  I can't explain the reason; it's just an observation I have made over the years.  Those things being said, it would be a great time to visit your surgeon to discuss possible interventions to improve the appearance of your scar.  He or she will also know exactly what type of suture material was used in the closure of your wounds, and this also could play a role in late postoperative lumpiness and irregularity.  He or she might suggest things like topical scar treatments, injections, or even certain laser treatments to improve the appearance of the scars going forward.  This is not a dangerous condition which poses any risk to your health or your implants, but as you have said, it affects the aesthetics of your breasts, so it is definitely worth looking into.  Best of luck.

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When should scars heal to their optimum?

It is best to wait for about a year or more before you conclude the final result of your scars. During this time period you can ask your surgeon about products that could help reduce the visibility of the scar. after the time period of recovery you could then decide if you want to undergo a scar revision operation.

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Unfavourable scarring

if you can post pictures it would help - if they are not red or itchy then it is unlikely you have keloids but further advice is only possible if we can see the scars - otherwise see your surgeon for advice


It take well over a year for scars to finish their maturation process.  Massaging at this point and time can help you reach a good final result.  If you feel as if the scar could be better, return to your plastic surgeon.  Once in a while a scar can be improved with a revision.

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