4 days post op Revision Rhinoplasty, my left nasal is still bleeding. Any suggestions?

I had a revision RP 4 days ago. However my left nasal is still bleeding..dripping not gushing keep changing drip bad 3x a day. But it still is quite a bit for being post op 4 days. I didn't have this last time. Last RP was less bleeding, more watery stuff. Revision was done for some parts of my nose had deteriorated..like tip dropped, and bridge asymmetry. I'm not seeing my surgeon until tuesday another 4 and half days to go.

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Bleeding after revision rhinoplasty

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There are a number of potential sources of minor bleeding following rhinoplasty surgery.  Sometimes there is light bleeding from an incision that has not been sutured properly, or has been accidentally traumatized, or has  become dry, crusted or scabbed. Drying inside the nose may also cause injury to the delicate lining of the nasal septum, which has an extensive network of tiny blood vessels close to the surface. Less common factors include high blood pressure, use of anticoagulants, and other medical conditions. Try keeping your head above your heart, avoiding any strenuous activity and using saline spray or gel to moisturize your nose. In dry conditions, a humidifier can also prove helpful. Apply ointment to your incisions if instructed by your surgeon. A light cold compress and/or the judicious use of a topical decongestant  such as Afrin can be used for temporary relief. By all means call your doctor and report the problem. They will want to hear from you and evaluate the problem. Best wishes.

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Bleeding after Rhinoplasty

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Dear Emilly

It is quite common to have an ooze from the nostrils for the first three odd days which may persist for nearly a week depending on the extent of the surgery and indeed the components of an individual surgery. It is useful to keep a sterile bolster bandage applied under the nose ... so as to avoid dabbing with tissues and introducing infection. There is not much concern so soon after the surgery especially a revision where blood vessels are less contractile. Stay on cooler drinks, don't bend your head down, avoid blowing the nose and do not exert in any way. Good Luck and Speedy recovery !

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