Does residual swelling in the bone/cartilage subside?

My nose was broken one and a half months ago. The bridge is now more wide and humped. It feels like the bone has gotten bigger. My doctor says after a few months this swelling might go down. But I am wondering if a bone/cartilage can get less swollen in time? I would imagine if it were the skin/fat then it could shrink but the bone is probably set that way forever. And when I feel the bump it is hard like bone. It does not feel like swollen skin. So do you think my nose will look smaller in time?

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Swelling in the nose after a broken nose

 Most of the swelling has subsided 6 weeks after you have  broken your nose.  The residual deformities that are present are most likely permanent at this point.  Trauma to the nose can cause a displaced nasal fracture and also twist the nasal cartilages.  A rhinoplasty procedure is required to straighten the nasal bone with osteotomies, and shave down the dorsal hump that is present.  Cartilage grafting techniques are required  to be placed underneath the concave upper lateral cartilage when it has been dislocated off the  nasal bones.  For more information and many examples, please see the  link and the video below

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