Is my Ptosis mild/severe? (photo)

What procedure could fix this?

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Is this mild or severe ptosis?

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Thank you for asking your question and sharing your photos. It appears you have moderate ptosis. You require comprehensive evaluation in person by an Oculoplastic Surgeon to determine the exact degree of ptosis and the best technique for eyelid elevation.
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It is not mild ptosis.

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It is essential to know how much levator function this eyelid has.  Levator function is how much the eyelid moves from the lowest position looking down to the most open position looking up with the eyebrow held in a fixed position against the eyebrow.  The success of ptosis surgery is very much determined by how much levator function in this eyelid.  When there is more than about 12 mm of function, it is highly likely that surgery will be very successful.  Less than 10 mm of excursion means that function is not nearly as good.  The key for you is to find a fellowship trained oculoplastic aesthetically oriented surgeon.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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