Orthodontics - Are Extractions Necessary Here? (photo)

My top arch overjets which I'd like to have corrected. To start with, I've been fitted with a metal brace on the bottom because part of the problem is that the front teeth on the bottom are too high relative to the rest of the arch and need to be moved down into the gum, so that the top teeth will then be able to move back. I’ve been told that extractions might be needed on top, but also he mentioned that he might be able to create room without extractions. Please tell me what you think...

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Do I Need Extractions Before Braces?

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NO! Do NOT extract teeth. Your problem is not the upper teeth but the lower jaw. The lower jaw is too far back and needs to be brought forward. The lower jaw can be brought forward with an appliance or with surgery. If you extract upper teeth and retract the upper teeth to fill in the gaps from the extracted teeth you will have a narrower smile, a longer nose, a shorter lower face and a lower jaw and chin that is still retruded.

Get three opinions before you do anything, ask lots of questions and make sure you are completely comfortable with the treatment plan.

Good luck!

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