Looking for a second opinion, my face confuses me, can my eye (eyes) be fixed in any way? (photos)

would it be posible to even take one up a bit and take one down a bit, as you can see the left eye slopes downwards, sometimes it looks ok other times it freaks me out,its leading me to a life of solitude

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You have upper eyelid ptosis with a compensatory eyebrow elevation.

The fix for this is surgical.  You need upper eyelid ptosis surgery repair.  Most likely you will need an anterior levator ptosis repair.  The key is your physical examination by an oculoplastic surgeon to assess the eyelids and determine the extend of eyelid function and what eyelid resources you have that are necessary to make the repair.  Once the eyes are more open, typically the eyebrows can relax down.

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Dropping eyelid

It is difficult to asses from "selfie" pictures because you are looking slightly down. But it appears you have a condition called Ptosis which can repaired by an oculoplastic surgeon. You need a consultation in person to decide the best technique for repairing the problem.

Byron A. Long, MD
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Probable Ptosis: Can Eyelids Be Fixed?

Oliver32  thank you for your pictures and questions.  Truly an in person evaluation by an an Ocular Plastic Surgeon is necessary to determine what is causing your eyelid problems.  It is necessary to see the lids working and in action.  It appears you have an eyelid droop called ptosis.  This is caused by a weakness in a muscle called the levator or muller's.   The good news this can be fixed by an ocular plastic surgeon.

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Uneven eyes

thank you for your question.  To give you a more personalized answer, i need to see a better close up picture of your eyes.  It is hard to see what you are referring to in these pictures.

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