Why is my nose so wide and swollen looking 18 months post septoplasty? (Photo)

Hi I had a septoplasty 18 months ago by an ENT surgeon ..here on Ireland ..and I feel 18 months on my nose is too wide,shorter and more swollen on the right hand side.I had a closed septoplasty with internal stitching and no packing or splints.I used to have a long slim nose and I am so unhappy now I will not even smile as my nose looks huge and I still use a steroid nasal spray because my nose gets dry and crusty ..what has happened ??

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Post Septoplasty Edema

Thank you for your question. It is difficult to comment without a photo of you before your surgery. It would be unusual for the shape of your nose to change significantly having had a septoplasty alone. Communicate your concerns with your surgeon. 

Best wishes.

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Confusing. Why should a septoplasty change the tip of your nose?

I know I wasn't there for your operation 18 months ago, but from this photo, it looks as though the width of the tip of your nose is due to the strength of the two cartilages that form the tip, like in the woman in the short before and after video just above.

In a "septoplasty," usually nothing is done to those tip cartilages, and any "swelling" at the tip should go away promptly after surgery.

It looks to me like you'd need a rhinoplasty to narrow that tip. If you click on the "Web reference" link, just below this post, and scroll to the very bottom of the page, you'll see instructions on sending more complete photos if you'd like a more complete evaluation.

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