Follow-up Question - Why is my nose different post Septoplasty?

I have posted recently here but I feel posting a before and after pic of my septoplasty will show how a SEPTOPLASTY does change a nose shape in some cases ie. In my case and I want to know why please ...please note I am 18 months post this procedure ..

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Nasal shape different after septoplasty

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Strictly speaking, changing the position of the septum should not change your nasal shape except to possibly make your nose appear straighter. That being said, complications of septoplasty (large perforation) can cause a dip in the nasal bridge, dryness, and crusting. I have met some patients treated by older surgeons in the past, and the end of their septal cartilage was amputated to fix their deviation. This technique can shorten your nose and change the rotation. This is not standard technique. A standard set of before and after nasal photos is needed to critically assess nasal changes after surgery as differences in lighting, exposure, and focal distance will create different shadows on the nose. From your previous post you report crusting and dryness. This too can be a sign of a perforation. Have your surgeon, or another examine the inside of your nose to see what is going on. 

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Septoplasty changing shape of nose

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Thank you for this question.  It is certainly possible that depending on how your septum was deviated preoperatively, changing the position of the septum can change the shape of the nose.  Typically, however, fixing the septum will make a nose straighter if it does anything at all to the outside of the nose. 

In general, the usual septoplasty done just for deviated septum with have minimal to no effect on the shape of your nose.  I would recommend seeking a Facial Plastic Surgeon to address your concerns.  Your situation has now crossed over to what I would consider a more complex concern that will take someone with a lot of experience with nasal septoplasty and possibly rhinoplasty to address for you.

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