Don't like how my nose looks 5 months post rhinoplasty (Photo)

So i've got my rhinoplasty on the 1st of June 2015 just to remove the hump on my nose I had (what you would call it an arab nose) and didnt like how it looked, I went to Morocco to professer Slaoui to get it done. My nose looks bigger, you can see my nostrils too way more than how you use to. It looks worse than before, is this just swelling? Very dissastified with the results.. will it get better?? Thanks

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Problem with Nose after a Rhinoplasty

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Sorry to hear about your difficulty. My first advice, is to see your surgeon and talk to them. If this is not possible, you should see a Rhinoplasty surgeon in your home City/Town. 

I do see the problem you are concerned about and I do agree that it is something that is not desirable. However, stay positive, this can be improved. 

I would also give it time for the swelling to go down as no surgeon would recommend a revision surgeon under a year. 

Good luck and hopefully you can find a good solution. 

Dr James Bonaparte


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this will not settle with time. You clearly have a polybeak nose deformity and a complex revsion will be needed by an experienced surgeon

Male revision rhinoplasty

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I can understand why you are dissatisfied with the result of your rhinoplasty. The problems I see are not due to swelling and will not improve with time. There are several deformities (over-resected dorsum, polybeak deformity, alar retraction, hanging columella) from your first rhinoplasty that will need a very experienced surgeon to correct. Your nose can definitely be improved with a second surgery so don't get too discouraged. I recommend you consult with an expert in revision rhinoplasty. 

Best of luck. 

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Hello. I recommend you go see a rhinoplasty expert, because you will most likely need a revision to correct the current deformity in your nose. Good luck.

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