Nipple looks freakish after breast reduction, will this heal? (photos)

I am one week post breast reduction op. I had my dressings removed yesterday and when I got home I looked at them and saw my left nipple looks quite freakish. I have looked at lots of post op photos and have not seen a nipple like this. Should be worried? I have a consultation with my surgeon next week.

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Nipples post-op

Nipples take time to settle and they will look different next week.
Take your time, don't panic.
When you are seeing your surgeon, show him what you are worried about.

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Recovery After Breast Reduction in Melbourne, Florida

Anytime there is a concern about postop appearance, definitely, the first stop should be your surgeon’s office.  Having said that, you are only 1 week postop and therefore, I would not spend too much time worrying about the appearance since whether you currently like the appearance or whether you currently do not like the appearance, either way one thing is for sure, it will change with time, and therefore, what it looks like today is not so much worth considering.  I would give it 6 to 12 months and lean on the side of closer to 12 months before you make a judgment about the final result of your surgery.  I hope this information is helpful to you.  Best of luck!

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