TT and muscle repair - Will this lump correct itself? (photos)

Hi ive had a tt lipo and muscle repair 5 weeks ago I noticed this crease on my side think its from the zipper on my binder will ot go away itself or should I place something underneath to create bit more pressure on the area?

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TT and muscle repair - Will this lump correct itself?

This is either normal swelling or a seroma. Have your surgeon evaluate you to make sure that you don't have a seroma. If not, it will take 6 to sometimes 12 months before all of the swelling resolves. The swelling is due to disrupted lymphatic channels in the tissue which will reform over time. You will notice that you are flatter in the morning and the swelling worsens as you are up during the day. Over time, you will swell less and take longer to swell before eventually resolving. 

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TT and muscle repair - Will this lump correct itself? (photos)


  You are still very early in the recovery period and with liposuction swelling may persist for up to 6-8 months so you have to be patient when trying to evaluate how everything is healing. Be sure to follow up with your plastic surgeon and follow their post operative instructions. Congratulations on your new body and hope you love the result. Good Luck!!

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TT and muscle repair - Will this lump correct itself?

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and congratulations on your tummy tuck procedure.  If this crease is the result of your compression garment it will resolve with time as your swelling improves and your skin relaxes.  You can apply a small pad to distribute the force of the zipper if you would prefer to see if this improves the areas appearance.  Hope this helps.

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