One of my lateral incisors is very small and my ortho wants to remove it and close the gap my pulling teeth together? (Photos)

One of my lateral incisors very small and my ortho want to remove it and close the gap my pulling teeth together and afterwards to file/reshape one canine. She said that the crown wouldn't be the best option in my case. My tooth should be removed on 17 of October, so I would like get an advises while is not too late. Thanks

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Peg laterals (small lateral incisors)

Unless there is a problem with the gum or root of your tooth, my preference would be to keep the tooth.  What I have done with these teeth in the past is to have the orthodontist line up the tooth roots evenly.  This will leave a gap on either side of your narrow tooth.  When the treatment is finished and the brackets are removed, immediately have your dentist do a simple bonding procedure or porcelain veneer to create a normal shape to this tooth.  This will leave your smile more symmetrical than removing the tooth and moving the cuspid into the space occupied by this tooth.

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