I had a revision open rhinoplasty some years ago and when the splint came off my nose was purple/red in colour.

For months afterwards it reacted in an extreme way to both warm and cold temperatures, quickly going purple /red when outside in cold weather, and becoming bright red and flushed when the temperature was warm. Over ten years later it still does this, only not in the extreme way it did initially. Also if I lie down, then get up again my nose will be a flushed, reddy colour. I did not have these problems prior to the operation. Is there anything I can do to put this right?

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Color changes in the skin post rhinoplasty

Rarely, I have heard of this even in my own postoperative patients.  I think the reason for this is changing vascular urge post surgery and vasoconstriction and dilation of the new blood vessels in response to temperature and environmental changes.  There are some patients whose nasal skin changes color with temperature fluctuation even with no surgery.  Therefore, I see it as perfectly reasonable that the same can happen in postoperative patients.  I don't think anything can be done for this.

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