I have a cyst on my chin that has persisted for the past 3 years. I need help in finding treatments that could heal it. (Photo)

I have had a cyst on my chin for the past three years. It came after I popped a pimple with a pin (I know extremely stupid) that became infected. I am taking tetracycline and differin for my acne at the moment. These prescriptions have helped my acne but the cyst has remained and is now swolen and sore after pimples emerged in and around it. I have no idea what to do to clear the cyst. I'm very self conscious about my face and have stopped going to college because of it. I really need some help.

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Since this has persisted over time, it's very likely that you have what is called an inclusion cyst. The best treatment for this is surgical removal. Some physicians might try injecting this with a steroid, but this will not work as well as surgical removal, and can actually lead to an indentation.Seek out a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon for help.                 jlr

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