I have a really bad eye, could it be fixed? (photos)

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Thanks for the question

It is difficult to tell from you photos but you likely suffer from eyelid ptosis and/or excessive skin of the upper eyelids.  Both of these conditions can be surgically treated and are very successful treatments.

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Hi oliver32,Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, both photos are blurry and I can not quite tell which is eye is bothering or what might be wrong. I would suggest you re-take some photos in good lighting and tell us which eye is "bad" and what bothers you about it. Based on the second photo, I think it is possible you may have ptosis (drooping upper lids). This can be corrected with a relatively quick surgical procedure. Give us some more info, we'd be happy to weigh in. Good luck!

Droopy eyelids can be corrected

Your photo shows us that you have droopy eyelids (ptosis). This is a commonly treated condition, and in fact, you might qualify for insurance coverage depending on your plan. You have a combination of extra upper eyelid skin as well as muscle weakness (the eyelid is like a garage door, and yours is hanging too low). Outpatient local anesthesia surgery can be performed predictably in your case. Find a local ASOPRS certified oculoplastic surgeon to examine you and give you more specific feedback. Good luck!

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