How can I fix my asymmetric smile? (photos)

I have had braces and I am mostly happy with my teeth but I'm not sure wether the problem is musclar , with my lips or with my teeth. When I take pictures My face looks so different from the right to the left so I try to avoid pictures of my right side as I prefer my left. The right side of my smile goes up more and shows more gum?my nose also sticks out a lot and seems like it does even more so from the right side of my face? Please help thank you!

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Soft tissues can make hard tissues appear "off"

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While you do look VERY symmetrical, you aren't 100%.  Nobody is.  Sometimes lips move more on one side, gumlines show more on a side, etc....  The solution MAY simply be using a laser to contour gums, maybe not.  It is best to find an experienced cosmetic dentist that can evaluate your smile and make suggestions.

Asymmetric Face and Smile

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You are very observant. Facial asymmetry is NOT unusual; no one has a perfectly symmetric face but there are also those who suffer more asymmetry than others. Causes of facial asymmetry are numerous and varied. 

Facial asymmetry can be reversed if underdeveloped areas of the face are allowed to develop. This is done through a process called epigenetic orthodontics. Finding a doctor who understands epigenetic orthodontics can sometimes be a challenge but certainly worth your investment of time and effort.

Good luck! 

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