Dermatology - Micro needling suitability for my face?

Hi, I have ice pick scars and visited a clinic for microneedling appointment. There she applied a numbing cream for patch test below the cheek on my face for 5mins approx wiped it off. But after few minutes I noticed a light tingling sensation in that area. But it was gone after some time like an hour.I did not develop any redness in that area. She said I may not be suitable forMicroneedling.My skin type is dry.I was very disappointed. Am I really not suitable for the treatment. Please help me.

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Dear teens777:There are many different topicals that can be used for Microneedling, and some patients have the procedure without any prior topical numbing. Allergy to topical is very rare, whereas done other agents such as tetracaine and benzocaine are more likely to cause reactions. I do believe it is possible to find a way you can have this treatment with comfort, and also would recommend you have PRP with the Microneedling.All the best,Dr. Clark 

Microneedling is effective for acne scars

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Hi teens777.  It is difficult to say from your description of what happened.  Some topical numbing creams do normally cause tingling...Notwithstanding, microneedling with radiofrequency, as found in the "Profound" technology is a good treatment for skin tightening and increasing dermal volume, both of which will improve acne scars. We perform this treatment after injecting local anesthesia, not topical.

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