Breast revision. Am I thinking right? (photos)

Had a BA done 6 months ago. been unhappy every since. My right breast is sagging. My left breast fold was lowered (wasnt told b4 BA) to make nipple centered on implant which has left me with a gap at top chest. So my breasts are different. Which their going to be if the folds are in different places. If I put my left fold back where it was and just do a nipple lift to both breast to make them centered am I right? I was told i did not need a lift! What fees should I have to pay to put them right?

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Asymmetry concerns

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It sounds like there are several issues, and that you likely had asymmetry before surgery. In order to come up with a plan for revision, it would be important to know what your pre-operative measurements were (base diameter, nipple to fold distance, etc.) and what the volume difference between the breasts was. The picture does not show enough information, but my guess is that you will at least need something to position the nipple-areolas.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Revision and Lower Fold Issues

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You seem to have widely spaced outwardly angled breasts which probably relates the the preoperative condition. You  may have achieved a more robust full look based on the natural takeoff of your breasts.  There are numerous natural configurations to the bust line which confront the plastic surgeon, and we attempt to discuss this prior to surgery, as that influences the final shape and appearance. We would need to see your preop photos to know what efforts the surgeon did employ to augment your breasts.  The medial cleavage sweep seems good, but the degree of lateral shift is a factor of natural breast position as it comes off the chest wall.  Sometimes we get a reasonable augmentation that could require some finesse work later  including modified lifting and shifting of the nipple and areola closer or further from the center of the chest.  

Donn Hickman, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Breast assymmetry

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It appears you have asymmetry of your chest that has been improved by implants. additional procedures usually cost some kaching. You probably have an improvement over your original look. good luck...

Larry Weinstein, MD
Morristown Plastic Surgeon
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