Are my breast implants bottomed out? (Photo)

I had breast implants done 8 months ago (400cc overs). Before the surgery my right breast was a little lower, and had more saggy skin, less fat than the left one. After the surgery I already saw how asymmetric they are(.Now every time that I look at my right breast I'm depressed, now I am not sure if my right is not bottoming out. What are my options now? Do I need revision surgery, and if so who will pay for that?(me or doctor?) Thank you for your help.

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Bottoming out?

Helo, based on the photo provided it appears that your nipples are in the centre of your breast mounds, and the  implants don't look too low. However, if you are concerned it is best to book a followup appointment.  Usually the surgeon will have a policy regarding the cost of secondary surgery.

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May need touch up

From your history of having extra skin on the right, and nothing done to fix that other than place implants, it's not surprising that the right implant has settled a little bit more than the left. A simple fix might be to do a horizontal take out of skin to adjust the distance from the bottom of the areola to the bottom of the crease to equal that of the left side. Some internal capsule work may or may not need to be done. As far as who pays for revisions, that is totally dependent upon each plastic surgeons office policies. For our patients, the policy as far as revisions go, is delineated in the preoperative phase, such that there are no surprises should a small touchup be necessary. best of luck.

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