Bra Or No Bra? (photos)

Many girls have asked why I have no surgical bra? After my BA,My Ps said no bra, he does not want the bra pushing against my nipples as I have also had inverted nipple correction with my BA, I had 315 put in on top of the muscle I am now asking myself should I have a bra? I would really like another opinion ?

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No Post Op Bra

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Thank you for your question. Each Plastic Surgeon has their own preferences and will customise their approach according to your specific needs. It makes sense that they would not want to apply pressure to nipples which have been operated on. I recommend that you follow your Plastic Surgeon's instructions and bring your questions and concerns to them.
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Bra Or No Bra?

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Thanks for your question and picture.  Congrats on your recent surgery!  Please follow your surgeon's advice regarding use of a bra.  Every surgeon has their own specific postoperative protocol that comes with their personal experience.  There is no good data to support a bra or no bra.  Good luck with the rest of your recovery!

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