Second blepharoplasty procedure. Will it get better with time? (Photo)

Hi there. I had my second blepharoplasty procedure 7 days ago. The stitch lines are healing quite nicely, but the droop, especially on my left eye as you can see, is quite droopy. There has been no improvement yet with the droop. In my first procedure I don't remember having such a pronounced one. Will it get better with time?

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Eyelid droop after surgery

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It is hard to definitively diagnose a problem from a picture and I would recommend seeing an oculo-plastic surgeon which is a board-certified ophthalmologist with a concentration in plastic surgery on the eyelids. That being said, it looks to me that you have what is called ectropion.

There is a tendon that holds the corner of your lower eyelid to the bone allowing it to cover the bottom part of your eyeball. Sometimes what happens is that tendon becomes loose, for a variety of reasons, and the eyelids falls. This causes the droopy look, exposing the bottom part of your eyeball.

This can cause a lot of discomfort because it causes dryness of the cornea, which is the white part of your eye.

I would suggest seeing an oculo-plastic surgeon to find a way to repair it sooner rather then later. Until then, in order to control the discomfort and protect your eyeball, I would suggest using artificial tears, like systane ultra, 4x/day and the nighttime ointment before bed.

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Lower lid retraction after 2nd blepharoplasty

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Your photograph is taken in upgaze which makes it a little difficult to accurately comment on your eyelid position. When the eyes are in upgaze, more of the inferior sclera shows... Over time the lid may rest back on the ocular surface. As the orbicularis muscle heals and edema diminishes, apposition of the lid to the eyeball improves. Massage may prevent them from retracting downward any further. I'm not entirely sure I would rush into another procedure just yet. You may want to schedule frequent visits to your surgeon to track your progress and ask specifically when and how to massage and what to expect. Best wishes with your recovery.

Entropion following Blepharoplasty

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 Thank you for sharing your problem and photograph. You need to see your surgeon or an Oculoplastic Surgeon very soon to evaluate the problem which may require surgery to correct if not managed quickly.  Good luck,

Eyelid retraction

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Hi. Sorry to hear about your trouble. It looks like you are developing lid retraction. This can't be fixed by a blepharoplasty and may need further revision surgery. See your surgeon to manage the healing process and to help keep your eyes well lubricated. Eyelid retraction repair can be difficult. Be sure to see someone that specializes in revision eyelid surgery. Hope this helps. Best regards, Ira Vidor, M.D.

Ira Vidor, MD
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Massage and taping will not fix this.

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This will require definitely repair once the eyelids have healed.  Tuck the edge of the eyelid will not fix this but it will use up the resources needed to reconstruct the lower eyelid.  I have developed surgery to definitely repair these lower eyelids.  Generally it is best to wait 6 months before repairing the lower eyelids. However, if there is corneal exposure I will sometimes do the repair earlier.

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I would go see your surgeon

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Based on your picture and the fact you are 7 days post surgery I would recommend you go see your surgeon. Conservative taping and massage may help, but before doing this I would consult your surgeon. Good luck.

Samson Lee, MD
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Second blepharoplasty procedure. Will it get better with time?

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You should notify your surgeon and see if taping or massage is appropriate. Without an in person evaluation, it is hard to give specific comments.

Second bleph

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At this point it looks like you are in trouble.  When was the first surgery done?  And why a revision?  You have significant scleral show and it looks like the skin is tight, so it is unlikely that the lid is going to go back to a normal position.  At this point you need to be doing some warm compresses and massage the lid upward.  Occasionally the lid will work its way back up.  But often the lid will stay low and you may need another revision at 6 months.  This is not an easy thing to do and you need to check with someone who does a lot of eyelid revision work.  

Uppers or lowers

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the droopiness looks like you mean the lower lids. is that correct?

If so then it is very early days for the tissues. All will relax over time. see your surgeon at regular intervals and they will give you an idea of what to expect as things settle.

Hope that helps.

Adam Goodwin

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