Asymmetrical face. (photos)

I had Bell's palsy when I was four and as a result of I have an asymmetrical face. I'm now 30 years old, a teacher and this has ruined my confidence all my life. I currently have braces on my bottom teeth and tomorrow I will be getting them on my top teeth. Will this improve my facial assymetry alone? Can lip filler or Botox help? Thanks in advance

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Will Braces Correct Facial Asymmetry?

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You ask a great question. There are multiple bones that make up the facial structure. When bones grow at different rates (a consequence of disease or environmental influences) then facial asymmetries can result. Braces alone will NOT correct facial asymmetries because braces are only moving teeth, they do very little in the way of facial bone remodeling. There are appliances that will change the bony structures of the face. My favorite is the DNA appliance. The purpose of the DNA appliance is to help the body achieve its genetic potential. This is done in a slow, comfortable and purposeful way. Your pictures show that you have a narrow upper dental arch. When a patient has a narrow dental arch (underdeveloped palate) then the bones of the mid-face are also underdeveloped. The DNA appliance helps develop these bones as your genetic potential dictates. Good luck!

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