Anatomical implant moving around? Is that normal?

I have gotten my breast augmentation a week ago on Sunday (9th of October). I am very petite so I have received Mentor Cohesive III low profile moderate plus projection in 225CC. I was wondering was it normal to feel one move around ? They look the exact same but I feel like left one has settled a lot, already. And the right one is still feeling strange and feels almost as if it's moving around in my chest. Should I be worried? Is it normal for the anatomical implants to move around?

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Anatomical implant

Thanks for your inquiry and I suggest you be seen by your plastic surgeon.  He/she wants the pocket to form as designed.  That may include wearing a certain bra, taping, etc because you are right you do not want a loose pocket to form. It is still early in your recovery and please carefully follow your doctors advice.

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