After closed rhinoplasty, my nose doesn't seem right. Can you tell from photos what's wrong with my nose? (Photo)

i had closed rhyno a year ago, i posted here a lot, as i am depressed over the outcome,now i am preparing going for secondary surgery,but i have several deformities+if i tell all those to any surgeon, might they think i am mad in the head.But truly my nose is just so unshaped, and deformed, and i can t even breatthing normal.I thought my bridge too low,the surgery shifted my nose,as the right side the osteotomies wasnt affective,my nose got too shortened.The spreader seems tilted,and visible.

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Your side profile looks excellent 

There is a little symmetry on frontal view with some prominence of the right nasal bone which may just need an osteotomy to move the bone

Discuss this with an experienced reversional rhinoplasty surgeon

Rhinoplasty results

My advice would be to find a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and is comfortable with revision rhinoplasty.  Your revision surgery will be more challenging than the original and requires a certain level of training.  The before photos look standardized while the after photos are not.  It's really difficult to compare the two as so many camera factors come into play.  The surgeon you consult with can take quality photos and go through each area of concern in a standardized manner. Wish you the best!

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