4 months post op and my breasts are sore when I don't wear a bra

I had 400cc breast implants in Feb 2016. I wore my surgical bra constantly for 45 days & then received no further instructions. I bought unlined full coverage no-wire bras from M&S. I usually wear this bra as its most comfortable. But if I try a cheap less supportive bra or sleep with no bra, my breasts just ache like crazy! Is this normal? Is it best I always wear a supportive bra? Are sports bras ok? Should I try a push up bra or a wired bra for more support? My incisions are under my areolas.

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Post Op Bra Recommendation


Thank you for your question. Many Plastic Surgeons will advise you to avoid underwire bras for 6 weeks or more post op. There are a variety of surgical or sports bras which could be appropriate and comfortable for you. I recommend that you ask your Plastic Surgeon specifically for what they recommend.

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Breast augmentation - still sore after 4 months

Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • The best bra after a breast augmentation is one that makes you comfortable.
  • Sports bras often are the best - 
  • It sounds as though your implants may be a little large for you body - which is why the aching is lasting longer than normal.
  • Try a sports bra. If that's not comfortable, try any bra that gives you support that feels right for your body.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

4 months post op and my breasts are sore when I don't wear a bra

Thank you for your question, underwire bra are best to be worn 6 to 8 weeks after operation. however for your condition it is best to consult your surgeon for the best advice and recommondation.

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