13 days post op, have 2 haematomas at sites, wonder if they will reabsorb or if they need to be surgically fixed? (Photo)

I have 2 haematomas after a tummy tuck and dog ear repair after previous Breast reduction, 1 is at incision under my armpit, other is top of my abdomen at ribcage from Lipo. My ps is away and was wondering should I get it seen to by another ps, a house Dr seen them yesterday and said they would reabsorb by themselves but if anything changes I have to go back, the one under my arm is hard, protruding and tender like a small golf ball, whereas the other one is hard but not really bothersome

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They will absorb over time. It may take 2-3 more weeks for the bruising to subside. The one under the armpit may take 4-6 weeks to soften and get better.

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These are small and will break down and resorb on their own. In my opinion neither should cause you any problems.


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Yes, they will reabsorb. May take 2-3 weeks or longer, but both should resolve on their own. 
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Thank you very much for your question.

The hematomas appear small, localized, and not threatening the overlying skin.  There is no need to do anything urgently (unless the hematomas are expanding, then you'll need to get medical attention).  They will likely resolve on their own, or they could be drained with a needle in 10-14 days when your plastic surgeon returns.  Best of luck!

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Hematomas when first found, are usually firm and hard. With about 10 days time and some heat from a warm washcloth, a simple aspiration with a small liposuction cannula can be done under local anesthesia in an office environment. Good luck.

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many hematoma's will absorb with time. however, sometimes they can de drained with a needle and a syringe. if they are still hard to the touch, then it is not time to try to drain these with a needle. when they soften up, then an attempt can be made. 

13 days post op, have 2 haematomas at sites, wonder if they will reabsorb or if they need to be surgically fixed?

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Two things you ca do: #1 Seek a scan of the areas. #2 Seek in person second opinions.>>>>>>>>>>>>

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